Wednesday, 28 December 2016

4 Tips to help you have the best holiday vacation for your pet!

The choices can be confusing as to what accommodations are right for your pet while you are away from home. These are some of the choices you need to consider when you are choosing between a dog walking/pet sitting service or a Dog Boarding and Training in Phoenix  facility!
Would you prefer if your pet stayed in your home and had a visiting pet sitter stay in the house and perform other duties like bringing in the mail, watering  the  plants, or to  walk or play with your dog or cat ?
Tip: This does provide added security, if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Your house is safer when not vacant of an adult presence.
Would you like to drop your dog at a certified pet sitter’s home and have that individual take care of your dog in a home environment instead of a kennel?
Tip:Usually you should know what other dogs or pets are residing in that home, and how many there will be at the time your pet is there. Make sure the environment is clean and safe, as well as secure if there is a backyard area.
Would you like to your dog to come back happy and possibly “smarter” after you have returned?
Tip:   There are several renowned places in the Phoenix Valley which have licensed pet trainers that also board pets or do pet-sitting.  Licensed and accredited dog trainers who offer this service will be able to work 1 on 1 with your pets to  help them fun skills, get potty trained or basic obedience training. What’s so great about this - is that both your dog and you win while you are gone!
Last Bit of Important Advice:
We recommend always touring any facility, home or vet’s office that you plan to have your pet stay while you are away. Make sure you know how much exercise your pet will receive and how often and when those hours will be. A dog sitter, boarding facility, an animal hospital or pet sitter that offers no exercise or crates or kennel constantly, should not be an option!! You would be surprised how little some dogs get out in a vet boarding facility. Most vets do not have 24 hour supervision either. Busy vet techs are walking dogs only to relieve themselves, not for exercise or freedom from the kennel environment. This is not appropriate for young energetic puppies or dogs so please ask the right questions
Now - time for the holiday!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to choose the right pet-sitter for you and your loved one!

Great pet sitters in your neighborhood are not always easy to find, but here are a few tips to make it easier the next time you need to leave your dog while you travel.
Our entire AZ Dog Sports team loves dogs and cats AZ Dog Sports so want to share our top 6 helpful advice on how to -hire a professional, certified, insured pet sitter in Phoenix/Scottsdale area!
  1. Always ask for references from at least 2 or 3 people and call those references.
  2. See the environment and make your own expectations clear as to what you expect of them.
  3. Get in writing how many times do you want your dog to eat per day, do they get treats, will they be there overnight or merely during the day etc.
  4. Find out if your pet sitter is physically active, healthy, and well educated so that she/he can also offers dog walking services that HELP your pet, not worsen behaviors.
  5. Have a good friend or neighbor check that they are seeing someone come and go, or use a home monitoring system. Ask to see photos, get daily short reports or when they are available for you to check in for a phone call. Don’t assume anything the first time you use a pet sitter. Hold that individual up to a first time evaluation and trust your instincts if something does not seem right.
  6. Don’t give your pet to the lowest bidder.Your number one priority, is to have your pet be happy, healthy, and safe while you are away. Good pet sitters charge anywhere from $30 to $75 per day. If you are not paying that rate, chances are you are using a less experienced or even unqualified individual.
  7. Licensed pet sitters have more education and more experience. One of the most common complaints that brings people to us is that they previously hired an online pet sitter or a freelance pet sitters who didn’t give their dog enough care – and their dog returned to them either sick, depressed or had worse behavior than before. So our advice is always to either put your pet at a highly rated pet boarding facility in Phoenix, or search  pet sitting business in Phoenix which hires ONLY licensed and top of the line dog trainers who are specialists in dog behavior, obedience and love being with dogs!
This way you will have a great trip, knowing your dog or pet is in great hands! Don’t settle for less and your dog will thank you!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Start your own Dog Walking or Sitting Business, live YOUR DREAM!

Do you love being around dogs and helping people? Do you enjoy the outdoors and have fun exploring new neighborhoods and parks?  If so, starting a career as a dog walker in Phoenix ,or a Arizona Pet sitter might be a win-win for you, and other families!  Both can be healthy, active, part time or full time jobs!

5 reasons to be a dog walker or petsitter:

  1. Dog Walking and Pet sitter Entrepreneurs get to make their own hours, create their own routine, choose the people they work with, and set pay rates for the service they offer.
  2. It is a very diverse and ever changing job. The days are as varied as the weather, the dogs, the people, and the activities you choose. Green grass one day, a country road the next, and a steep mountain trail may all be part of the changing scenery.
  3. You don’t need to deal with office politics or crazy coworkers. Some of your best friends don’t verbalize in words! They bark, whine, grumble, chatter, squeal, and snort, but you get the information anyway. These furry friends speak the language of dog speak. Talking is optional. Hand gestures apply.
A gentle tug, a flick of the lead, a click, or a sigh can suffice some days. Your customers, the pups, get it! You are a team, and they are active participants. No water cooler politics or politically correct posturing is necessary!
  1. Your business attire is all up to your personal taste! No uniform code required, no expensive accessories or jewelry required. You may need a treat pouch, sunglasses, and a good pair of sneakers or trail shoes. The colors of your true personality can shine through each and every day. You can be comfortable and relaxed, or high tech and streamlined.
  2. You set the pace of your day. You speak, or not, according to how you feel. The polite way to successfully communicating with canine companions has a greater variety of acceptable options.
Dog walking and dog training are great services to provide for  your community. Make new friends and walk some more.  Local canine family members will appreciate it , and you may just make lots of new friends and a great new employment opportunity. If dog walking career or perhaps a different profession in the dog industry  sound like it could be  great job to you, why not learn more by taking a class at our dog trainer school in Phoenix? Contact us at AZ Dog Sports for a FREE consultation.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Get out and walk your dog today!

Get out and walk your dog today!

Our Dog Walking and the Pet Sitting services offered AZ Dog Sports fill an important need in the lives of your furry loved ones by keeping them healthy, happy and comfortable while you are working hard at your career, or away on holiday. Whether it’s having one of our professional dog trainer/walkers walk your day twice a day, pet-sitting your cat or dog for several weeks, or if it’s teaching your dog new obedience skills while he/she is being boarded at a pet resort; we believe that it is our job to give you peace of mind, and your pets happy!
Why walk your dog every day?    The benefits of walking your dog or dogs every day is an activity that will pay off for both your pet and you. Many people have stressful jobs, and practicing a mindful behavior like walking, getting fresh air, and participating in the beauty of nature is really an excellent way for both of you to start the day.
How you benefit:
If you live in a city, you get to stroll down the block and see the latest shops and restaurants that have moved into the neighborhood. You get to greet familiar faces and other canine buddies, and check out the social scene at the park or square near your apartment. I never enjoyed the walk down from my third floor walkup in Philadelphia, but I sure did love the smell of autumn leaves, and rainy drizzle, and street food smells from the local bakery or coffee shop. I loved watching people move in and out, and the rhythms of everyday life with deliveries and dry cleaners, and gym windows. My dog even came to work with me, in the heart of the downtown upscale shopping area.
Now, living in Phoenix, nature is all around us. Our dogs can hike on mountain trails, neighborhood paths, landscaped common areas, and sunrise and sunsets are amazing to see with your pet.
How your dogs benefit:
Many dogs have spacious backyards and trees and pools, but it is not the same as going for a walk or run with their people! Dogs love adventure, new scenery, great smells, funky smells, new people, kids, and munching grass. It is good to have them being socially acclimated to activity, children, skateboards, bikes, horses, and other pets!
It makes for better companions and a walk, jog, or run with your dog is a sure way to get some exercise for both of you. Dogs open every day with pure joy. This feeling can be contagious and one I highly recommend for a positive outlook. Part of the reason I expanded the dog training gym and facility, AZ Dog Sports, is because of my love of dogs and to be able to offer higher quality licensed dog walking, dog sitting service and board and train. I know how much my dogs and I love each other so wanted others to experience it!
Make sure you have great dog walking gear that is sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your pooch. Always have ID and license along and a collar, leash, and waste bags. Remember your own keys and even treats for your dog and get out and start the day right!

Friday, 28 October 2016


Did you ever wish your dog was having as much fun as you are while you are away from home?

Dual Purpose Dog Board & Training is the new thing!

Boarding your dog at a facility that has day care, play time, and obedience training is one way to ensure that your puppy or dog is also having a great time!  This new style boarding arrangements can be really versatile and active. You would not be happy sitting in a hotel room all day, and your dog used to have to be in a kennel all day while you were away having fun. Not anymore! If you are one of the new breed of pet guardians that understands your dog is happiest when he or she is active!   So why not check out one the newest ideas in dog boarding in Phoenix?

Dogs get a vacation & high quality dog training while WE vacation!

Games, yards, beaches, pools, play rooms with climbing toys and tunnels are all part of the fun and action. if your dog is on vacation at the same time you are, it does assuage the guilt of being away from your pet for a while. Dogs love learning and some of these Phoenix new pet resorts will have training for your pet on the premises with a certified trainer. Families can let their pooch attend classes to learn new skills while they can tune in and watch on camera or get the occasional action picture on a smartphone.

Our dogs want luxury accommodations too!

Pet resorts are a rapidly growing segment of the pet hotel market in Phoenix. When on vacation, most of us would like to trade up to a more luxurious surrounding and d├ęcor. Why not apply the same standard to our beloved furry family members? If you love your pup and he likes fun and activity, one of these pet resort accommodations may be the right choice. You can bring your dog’s favorite toys, foods, and even have a TV and cot in some rooms.
The sense of security you feel knowing your dog is safe, around activities, other dogs, and people that are caring and professional is worth a lot.

Learn more about this service by visiting a our favorite dog boarding place in Phoenix, Foothills Pet Resort! or contact us at AZ Dog Sports.

Monday, 19 September 2016

How Wolves And Dogs Differ

As part of our dog training academy teaching dog lovers how to become dog trainers, our students and trainers believe it’s a necessary “must” to teach and learn about the biology of dog- hence why we want to spend time in this article explaining it to you!

Genetically speaking, dogs and wolves are almost the same: more than 99% of their DNA is identical. How big a difference can that one percent really make? Well, consider this: Humans share up to 98.9% (depending on which model of comparison is used) of genetic material with chimpanzees. Fabulous as chimps are, it’s safe to say they live very different lives from us. Add to this at least 15,000 years of domestication (recent studies suggest a far longer period) and genetic adaptation for living with humans, and the result is that canis lupus familiaris—both physiologically and behaviourally—is very different from its big, grey ancestor.

For a start, even the most wolf-like of dog breeds are smaller, weaker, and have less powerful jaws and necks than wolves. Why? They don’t need to be able to bring down moose by themselves; dogs are on Team Human and we have tools, big brains, and opposable thumbs. Behaviourally, we have bred dogs over millennia to retain a juvenile lack of aggression into adulthood. With that comes openness to new social relationships, allowing dogs to meet and bond with new people throughout their lives, an adaptability to
changing circumstances that no wolf can match. Dogs take guidance from us in several ways, too. For example, they understand directional cues (pointing), something no other animal can do. They are sensitive to social cues and generally wait for humans to signal what is expected of them; wolves follow their own agenda, even if hand-raised in human homes. Dogs pay close attention to us and are adept at reading human emotions through facial expressions. Wolves don’t give a hoot about our moods.

The takeaway is to not project wolf-like assumptions onto dogs. When we do, we too easily mislabel behaviour and see conflict where there is none. Yes, dogs are pack animals. But dogs are no more wolves than we are chimps. Feral dog groups provide a more accurate picture of dog social behaviour: they are opportunists whose lives revolve around getting close to humans for food and safety. In other words, dogs rely on and care deeply about their relationship with us. Not only can we teach them to live with us peacefully and happily; they spend their lives hoping we will.

If you found this article interesting and want to learn more about dog behavior or dog training skills, please check out our Phoenix classes for dog trainers.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Dogs + Humans = Building A Lifelong Relationship

The American Veterinary Medical Association defines the human:animal bond as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both.” So, what are the behaviors in question? Being a responsible caretaker is at the foundation, of course, and includes providing food, water, shelter, and safety, as well as medical care when needed. But aside from that, what influences a person’s relationship with her dog? What takes it from good to great? In the human world, psychologist John Gottman spent four decades studying couples to find out what makes marriages happy and lasting. His major takeaway was that a deep sense of connection and trust is built between couples that make many “bids”—verbal or nonverbal requests for attention
and connection—and offer positive responses to those bids.

Most dog training schools now heavily lean towards positive reinforcement training methods.  These methods show us that the same principles apply to dog-human relationship building. If you like something and reward it, not only will it be more likely to happen again, but everyone involved in the interaction feels better about each other. More connected, more trusting. The one caveat is that it’s important not to reinforce behavior we don’t like (with any kind of attention, positive or negative) and that we should therefore ignore whining, jumping up, nudging, and so on. Beyond that, though, any time spent with dogs offers opportunities to extend and respond to bids.

For example, just looking at a dog with a happy or playful expression qualifies as positive attention and therefore a bid for connection. Ditto saying “what a good dog you are…” in a soft voice for no particular reason. The same goes for reaching over to a dog lying quietly on or beside the couch to scratch a belly or neck, depending on the dog’s preference. Have three minutes to spare? Play a quick game. (You can get suggestions for some games from many dog trainer websites.)  Get out a treat and practice a fun trick. What’s the lesson?

Never think you’re spoiling your dog with these kindnesses. They are tiny investments in a lifelong, loving relationship. Every time we remember to stop to give our dogs affection and attention, we are making deposits on a richer and ever-deepening bond.

Looking to learn more so you can improve your dog training skills for your own animals or a rescue that you volunteer at?   Look no further than the only Arizona school for dog trainers!  AZ Dog Smart Academy is a hand’s on, interactive and educational school for normal people who want to learn more about dog behavior skills!